Data Storage Hickory & Charlotte, NC

Data storage for businesses in North Carolina just got better! There are times when your personal computer suddenly crashes or is infected by a lethal virus. All the essential data which you had collected for years, becomes lost in a matter of minutes! Your firm is compromised and you face the need to start completely from scratch. To keep these unfortunate incidents from happening to you, Catawba Valley Archives of Hickory comes to the rescue. We’re a dedicated group of professionals with just one goal – to store and protect your data.

Catawba Valley Archives of Hickory is one of the pioneers of end-to-end information backup alternatives and caters to firms of all sizes. Many firms have genuine data preservation demands but find it difficult to select a trustworthy data storage company with great expertise. Our proficient team knows exactly what it takes to deal with the particular data security requirements of an organization. We provide a thorough array of solutions, which include: locked/open file support, compressed & data encrypted file storage, email storage, backup sets, and overloading prevention mechanisms like bandwidth/CPU throttling, among others. Catawba Valley Archives of Hickory & Charlotte is fully aware of our duties to ensure conformity with internationally-accepted business and government standards.

Data Storage Hickory & Charlotte – Backup Technology

When it comes to synchronization of data, Catawba Valley Archives is highly qualified to secure your information utilizing their fast restore and backup technology. With various office operations, you’ll be able to get a safe and instant storage of vital records making use of an offsite location. This is made possible utilizing a search engine that is connected to the server software. As a result, you’ll have the ability to locate a particular file in an instant. For data storage, you can always rely on Catawba Valley Archives of Hickory & Charlotte for their prompt services. We have all the necessary functions for your record storage needs such as mailbox restore, encrypted and compressed source/rest file storage, CPU and bandwidth throttling, custom-made policies for backup sets, and true open and locked file support. You can always depend on the company’s ability to help you follow the specifications set by the government for record keeping and documentation.

Data Storage Hickory & Charlotte – Enterprise Level Software

Any number of quite frustrating and unpredictable interruptions could create the need for data storage. It typically takes a great deal of energy and expertise to fix the situation and restore the information that was lost. Can your company recover from the unthinkable, such as an unexpected hard drive failure or perhaps a stolen laptop computer? What about a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane, or maybe an accident such as a fire? A whole new virus can similarly trigger irreparable harm. Catawba Valley Archives Hickory & Charlotte can offer reliable protection from this kind of danger, and does so with a state-of-the-art data center and Enterprise level software programs.

Trust the data storage experts at Catawba Valley Archives of Hickory & Charlotte to manage all your data storage and records management needs. Call today for a free quote and consultation.

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