Offsite Backup Charlotte, NCInnovations in technology have led to the creation of innumerable files. When you use a computer or other device which entails files storage, the volume of files that you acquire in just a couple of days could range from several MBs for your small business to GBs in the case of a large business. The risk of losing these files may not be an immediate concern for you, but if there’s a problem and loss occurs, the results can be devastating. This is where an offsite backup Charlotte NC approach becomes requisite.

Offsite data backup is an approach where data is transferred through the main location like your PC to a different location as part of disaster planning which is important in today’s business setting. From a Forrester Research report in 2009, about 60% of computer users including organizations revealed they had no backup plans.

There are many reasons why an offsite backup Charlotte, NC system is so important. For starters, business continuity is a vital characteristic of any successful business. If you lose crucial files such as client information or perhaps data files, it could take some time to recover the data files and restore the trust of the client. Today, the loss of necessary information on the internet may lead to legal issues when such files land in the wrong hands. Moreover, the cost you pay to retrieve files that are not backed up is enormous. The Graziadio Business Report of 2010 estimates the cost to businesses in the billions every year.

There are many benefits to offsite backup Charlotte, NC. First, the approach is affordable with no capital costs or operating charges needed. The monthly fees are affordable, and every service is custom-made to fit your requirements. The package is likewise efficient as there are day-to-day computerized backups, significantly less downtime, and diminished loss of efficiency because data is retrieved in a few minutes. Throughout the encrypted backup, data is relayed to data centers through secure packets, providing even more protection for your documents.

When looking for the most effective offsite backup, be sure that the company offers a wide selection of customizable backup products, efficient data storage, security, and quality customer service. Catawba Valley Archives meets all these requirements and is eager to be your company’s offsite backup storage provider.

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