Online Back-up Hickory & Charlotte, NC

We proudly offer Online Backup Services for all business types in North Carolina. Our backup services provide security knowing necessary documents are securely stored and available for your retrieval, in the event data loss occurs.

Most online backup options utilize any type of Web connection. Cable modems, DSL, and ADSL all work equally well. You will find customized selections when creating the user interface of the server. Programming a backup schedule is essential. How often information is backed up from each desk top computer system will make the difference between dismal failure and success of the company. It is possible to have the facts sent every hour, every 12 hours, once each day, or perhaps weekly depending on preference. The most critical files can be set up at a different rate than the daily task files.

Data Protection in Charlotte

Data Protection Charlotte NCData Protection North Carolina has options for all the needs of your firm. Military grade encryption is available in the servers of backup systems. This ensures the security and safety of both the corporation and its client base.

You’ll find seven different encryption levels to choose from. Each is unique on its own, leaving anyone who does get this far into the system entirely lost as to what to do next. It is 100 percent automatically maintained. There will be separate password protection for every user who will be authorized to acquire information from the backup system as well.


Disaster Recovery For North Carolina Businesses


Disaster Recovery Charlotte, NCEvery firm in the United States should have a disaster protection plan in place. Fire is really a business’s worst enemy. Though every precaution for this eventuality is in place by way of several unique strategies, there is always the possibility. Disaster Recovery Hickory & Charlotte can eliminate this fear. The backup system’s immediate availability gives a simple and quick way of totally recovering every MB of data. The connection method, the networking, file sharing, and much more can be brought back online with a simple entry on the keyboard. All of your files can be retrieved quickly by anybody with the authorization to do so.

Business Continuity Charlotte & Hickory, NC

Maintaining business continuity is crucial to success. Being able to retrieve all files from the backup system creates extra peace of mind for travelers. It is a lot easier to pack for a trip making use of only the laptop to make any presentation planned. The projects on which you spent numerous hours of work, are accessible in moments by typing a couple of keys.

It really is plain to see that Online Backup Services North Carolina is your perfect remedy to maintaining the edge in industries where there’s so much competition. There’s a 93% rate of bankruptcy when information is lost for a period as short as ten days.

Recovering what was once a thriving company is virtually impossible when information is lost and clients lose their faith. With Catawba Valley Archives backup services, there is no need to worry about that eventuality.

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