Document Shredding & Destruction Charlotte

Catawba Valley Archives is the respected source for document shredding services in Charlotte, NC. The moment you engage our services, we’ll deliver secure handling and destruction of your valuable documents and sensitive information. We understand that both document storage and destruction are essential to your company; protecting and getting rid of sensitive information properly is core to our mission.

Catawba Valley Archives was founded to safeguard your company and your clients. Identity theft and medical identity theft crimes are quickly increasing. Such offense begins when the significant information lands with the wrong person. As a business that utilizes and accesses personal information about your customers, you can risk your reputation as a company, and legal and civil charges if this kind of information is not destroyed when no longer needed. Shredding your sensitive documents keeps you in conformity with HIPAA and FACTA as well.

Shredding Services We Offer in Charlotte, NC

Document Shredding Charlotte NCThe Charlotte shredding services we offer contain numerous options. We leave the choices to you, especially on the means of shredding such files. Among the options is the purge shred, whereby we go to your company premises to undertake a one-time shredding. You have it right, shredding will be conducted onsite, offering you the opportunity to observe how shredding is being done properly. You will also have the choice to do it on a recurring basis. You have the other option which is the opposite of the first one. We can transport the files needing shredding and dispose of them in our facility. This can also be done as a recurring or purge service. Considering the regular option, locked, tamper-proof boxes are put in prime locations around your company for your employee’s ease in placing the private files in a protected location. Catawba Valley Archives plans routine pick-ups to clean out these bins.

In choosing a professional for your company’s document disposal needs, you need to ask about security procedures for document shredding. The quantity of files does not matter to us; our priority is constantly the privacy and security of such documents. We have surveillance cameras to ensure that the chain of custody is always followed. The process actually ends once the files have undergone the shredding process. We ensure that your documents are secure from the time the files are surrendered to us until we finally shred them.

North Carolina Document Shredding

Having a variety of  North Carolina document shredding options, you can be assured that our shredding services are budget-friendly. We know that budget is always a major factor in selecting a shredding service. We want our services to be easily-accessible and affordable. We are conscious that you want your clients to enjoy the constitutionally-guaranteed privacy without spending too much. With us, that is most certainly possible.

Identity theft is increasing at alarming rates, and because of increased security surrounding private information, there are various laws and acts requiring compliance. Using a reputable shredding service will help you comply with regulations without wreaking havoc on your budget. The industry offers a wide range of shredding choices and shredding solutions. Catawba Valley Archives document shredding in Charlotte, NC is ready to answer any questions you may have about our services, compliance, and the shredding process.

Catawba Valley Archives provides free shredding cost estimates for customers in Charlotte, NC, and will answer all your questions regarding secure document handling and destruction.

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