Charlotte Tape Storage and Rotation Company

Charlotte NC tape storage and rotation by Catawba Valley Archives is a cost-effective way to handle your data stored on tape. We also handle disk drive storage and rotation. Maintaining an offsite backup of electronic data is necessary to prevent loss due to natural disasters such as fires or floods. Catawba Valley Archives provides offsite tape storage in Charlotte to meet HIPAA, FINRA, State Bar, and SOX compliance requirements.

Tape rotation companies in Charlotte guarantee that old archival material is replaced routinely with up-to-date backups. Tape data storage translates digital information onto magnetic tape. It could be a good choice not just for its security aspect but also its cost effectiveness. It is particularly valuable for prime storage density.

North Carolina Offsite Data Storage

Tape Storage in Charlotte NCOffsite tape storage North Carolina is the most reliable way to secure all your information. The most significant threats include shock damage to tape edges, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and contamination by dust and foreign particles. Our company has considered all possible threats to protect your documents against any destruction. Superior fire protection ensures protection even in the event of disaster.

In fact, no data storage is totally permanent. Tape storage and digital hard drives along with other systems have expiration dates. Being exposed to electromagnetic radiation as well as other factors in the environment can speed up the degradation process. To help secure it, humidity and temperature must be managed properly. These kinds of measures tend to extend the functionality of tapes.

Tape storage services make use of tape rotation backup. The experts from Catawba Valley Archives would regularly pick up the most updated back-ups. As a result of such upgrade, the older files will also be processed for re-using. Tape rotation services lessen storage costs and ensure all backups remain up-to-date.

Tape Rotation Services In North Carolina

With the tape rotation services in Charlotte, North Carolina, our employees were carefully selected and have undergone some background checks to ensure security and privacy. Your records are secure with our employees, and they are protected in the vehicles in which they are transported. One benefit of having this tape rotation service is that it allows scanning, logging, and records of the files moved to the protected container.

Tape rotation storage plans can vary depending on the needs and desires of a particular company. The most common technique is known as FIFO or first in, first out. It simply means that the oldest tape would be prioritized to be replaced. Many experts consider it the simplest, but not necessarily the best method. Considering that the replaced files will no longer be active, a recent data error can instantly be determined with the whole NC tape storage set.

Computer Tape Storage Charlotte, NC

Other tape storage enables you to make sure some older data sets are kept. There are also some tape storage plans which would allow the user to keep the previous data. As an example, the grandfather-father-son plan relies upon some backups for each time period, just like daily, weekly and monthly. The unit will instantly change the oldest data with another one and then disregard one which could immediately go to the per week category. One weekly record graduates to the monthly set, and the like for quarterly and annual periods. By utilizing the tape rotation services, a company has the ability to plan a shipping to accommodate its needs.

Computer system tape storage Charlotte, NC utilizes a tape drive to efficiently record the information in a digital manner. A lot of specialists like it because the data is being kept sequentially and not randomly. With a tape drive, the files and records are generally not easily accessible.

The tape must be wound to an exact location to begin obtaining particular data. A lot of people would surely concur that it is not time-friendly. When the data transfer begins, it is much like the method that happens in the hard drive. Among the amazing features of it may be the value of transporting the tape storage. Tape drive storage has also been made to be appropriate for the data compression.

Most people and most companies have a goal of keeping accurate files and records. You do not need to take risks using a careless or insufficient backup system. In the case of a disaster, you simply can’t afford to lose valuable data and other media. Catawba Valley Archives tape storage services are handled professionally, confidentially, and reliably.


Records should be housed in a facility equipped with the best degree of environmental control and protection. A market leader in technology, Catawba Valley Archives Charlotte, NC tape storage is the firm to trust.

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